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I’m Stefani, a writer in Atlanta

Growing up in three different countries and states, my life has been a mosaic of cultures and contexts. As a missionary kid and pastor’s kid, I grew familiar with both the beauty and the ugly of the Church. From an early age, my passion has been to see believers rise to their fullness in Christ.

Writing is a way for me to remind myself, respond to God and reconcile others to partner with Jesus to transform the earth. My goal is to speak the love in truth as faithfully as I can and to learn what Christ’s upside-down kingdom looks like in every area of our broken, yet beautiful world.

So far, I have been involved in ministry for over ten years, serving with a variety of local churches across denominations and around the world. Most recently, I worked as a staff writer for In Touch Ministries, where my articles were published in their print and digital magazines.

In 2016, my husband Sam and I relocated to the UN refugee resettlement area of Clarkston, Georgia to live on mission in the international community. We loved exploring its many international food spots, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and cuddling our sweet Australian Shepherd Levi : )

In 2019, we moved to Scotland so I could pursue my Master of Letters in Analytic & Exegetical Theology—a year-long program offered within the Logos Institute of St. Mary’s College at the University of St. Andrews. My final dissertation topic/title was: “Christification as Imitative Participation: Incarnation, Kierkegaard, & the Christ Hymn”

Now I’m back in the Atlanta area, working as a freelance writer and looking for ways to serve my community amidst the insanity of pandemic life. So if you are interested in THEOLOGY (faith/culture & politics/religion), SOCIAL JUSTICE (refugees/immigrants & race/diversity) or WRITING (creative nonfiction & narrative journalism), feel free to subscribe to my blog for new posts and updates!

My Writing Philosophy:

Seeking Christ at the Crux



My theological principles are shaped by the Beatitudes of Jesus: The Kingdom Way of the Poor in Spirit.


I love telling true stories about other people and honest reflections about my own life and walk of faith.


I have a passion for reporting on subjects that affect humanity, such as the plight of refugees.