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About Me

Seeking Christ at the Crux


My faith principles are guided by the beatitudes of Jesus Christ & his kingdom of the poor in spirit.


My journalistic work centers on the ideas, people, & events that shape our religious landscape.


I tell true tales about myself, God, and pivotal people—exploring the unexpected & underestimated.


My Story

Growing up in different countries and traveling extensively as an adult, I’ve experienced a mosaic of cultures and contexts and cultivated a deep appreciation for diversity. As a missionary kid and pastor’s kid, I became familiar with the beauty and ugly of the Churchand from an early age, my passion has been to exhort believers to embrace their fullness in Christ.

Through both writing and editing, I seek to remind myself, respond to God, and reconcile people by building bridges of understanding. Above all, my goal is to reveal the beauty of Jesus and his unentitled gospel. Only his cruciform kingdom has the power to transform our broken-but-beautiful world.

I’ve been involved with various forms of ministry for over ten years—serving across denominations, demographics, and geographies. I am now the Theology Editor for Christianity Today magazine, platforming the work of theologians and biblical scholars to benefit church leaders and laity alike.

My husband Sam and I live near the refugee resettlement town of Clarkston (outside Atlanta, Georgia) and enjoy its diverse community. We love exploring new international food spots, traversing the outdoors with our two giant hairy dogs and our bossy toddler daughter!

I hold a Master of Letters in Analytic & Exegetical Theology from the Logos Institute of St. Mary’s College at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The research topic and title of my dissertation was “Christification as Imitative Participation: Incarnation, Kierkegaard, & the Christ Hymn.”

I’m currently working on a book project about embodying Christlikeness and what it means to be human like God—to reflect the self-emptying soul of Jesus in a Christ-haunted world. So if you are interested in theological anthropology, cultural conciliation, or religion reporting, subscribe to join my crew!